About the API

Developers can use our API to present the data obtained using the API at your own discretion and using your own layout on sites and services under your control.

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Free Trial for developers

You will get an 8 week free trial before your subscription starts. During this free trial you can use the API to see if it fits your needs. We're happy to assist during this period.

Documentation API

The documentation for the Free Trial use of our Development-API can be found here: API-Documentation. If you have any additional questions you want to ask our developers, just send us an email.


The database consists of more than 15.000 cookies (including the use of Local Storage and Pixels) and is growing every day in quantity and quality by a dedicated team of privacy moderators. The database is curated by IT Law professionals.


Want to know what it looks like? Start for Free with a development license (unlimited use for 8 weeks) or have a look at the Data Samples on this page.

Service Level

Cookiedatabase.org uses its best efforts to have the API service available at all times, but is only willing to make specific guarantees if a service level agreement is concluded.


The API is used for 100.000+ websites, meaning it has a dedicated user base and therefore continuing development and assistance. Support for Developers is available as part of the paid subscription.

Monthly Plans

Use of the API must be fair to other users (‘fair use policy’). In particular your use should not deviate in an extreme manner from the average. High-demand subscriptions to our API and server are available for a monthly maintenance fee.

Data samples


    [data] => stdClass Object
            [en] => stdClass Object
                    [cmplz_choice] => stdClass Object
                            [name] => cmplz_choice
                            [retention] => 1 year
                            [retentionID] => 276
                            [serviceID] => 66
                            [service] => 
                            [collectedPersonalData] => 
                            [collectedPersonalDataID] => 
                            [cookieFunction] => saving preferences
                            [cookieFunctionID] => 1218
                            [purpose] => Functional
                            [purposeID] => 285
                            [message] => 
                            [isPersonalData] => 
                            [isMembersOnly] => 
                            [ignore] => 
                            [complete] => 1
                            [unique] => 
                            [language] => en
                            [backgroundInfo] => 
                            [slug] => cmplz_choice
                            [submittedByAPI] => 1


    [data] => stdClass Object
            [nl] => stdClass Object
                    [Google Maps] => stdClass Object
                            [service] => stdClass Object
                                    [ID] => 68
                                    [name] => Google Maps
                                    [serviceType] => Showing Google Maps
                                    [serviceTypeID] => 385
                                    [sharesData] => 1
                                    [thirdParty] => 
                                    [secondParty] => 1
                                    [privacyStatementURL] => https://policies.google.com/privacy
                                    [language] => nl
                                    [slug] => google-maps


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