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March 16th 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a service?

A service is the (third) party responsible for setting the cookie on your website. For example, Google Analytics sets the cookie _GA in the browser through its domain Google Analytics is the service of the cookie _GA.

How to find the retention period

You can find the retention period in your browser. Find the specific cookie, either under your browser settings or (Chrome) via the security lock before the URL. Here you can see the created and expiry date. The difference between these is the retention period.

What do you mean by purpose?

The purpose is based on the categorical approach of describing cookies. It’s either functional or non-functional based on the dependency of the website’s core functionalities, technique, and the storage of personal data. Non-functional cookies are separated in Statistics, Statistics (Anonymous), and Marketing/Advertising.

When is data, personal data?

Data is considered ‘personal data’ when it contains at least one personal identifiable dataset. For example: an IP address (location) or a Facebook pixel, which could easily be connected to your social media account for advertizing. When a person can direct or indirect be identified by a cookie, or a category of cookies with the same purpose and service. 

How can I use

You can use to edit and improve the transparancy on your own cookie policy. Ans as an end-user you can search for more information about cookies and services you might encounter browsing the internet. is open data and can be used by anyone. Moderators will check and verify new cookies collected anonymously from more than 20.000 websites. Want to be one of these websites? Check out the free Complianz Privacy plugin with integrated API.

How can I contribute?

You can contribute to! You can submit cookies and services for review, edit existing cookies and cookie functions. You can also become a moderator to review pending submitted cookies and services. To automatically contribute with new cookies found on your WordPress website, you can download the Complianz plugin. Want to join Leave us a message!