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The API is available for free, under fair use rules, and for everyone. If you want to use the database with additional support, guaranteed uptime and more requests, a monthly fee is required. This fee will be used for further development, hosting, maintenance and premium support.


Monthly / ex VAT
  • 50.000 Cookies / Month
  • Priority Support
  • 99.8% Uptime


Monthly / ex VAT
  • 25.000 Cookies / Month
  • Premium Support
  • 99.8% Uptime

Small Business

Monthly / ex VAT
  • 10.000 Cookies / Month
  • Premium Support
  • 99.8% Uptime


  • 1000 Cookies / Monthly

About the API

The API is the first up-to-date, and moderated, Cookiedatabase which is freely available for all users. To comply with privacy laws worldwide, a clear, unambiguous description of used cookies is required on a website’s cookie policy. The most difficult task in complying with these demands is the amount of unreliable and non-transparent information of these specific cookies by their services (e.g Facebook, Vimeo, etc). To counter this issue, started a moderated database for cookies and their descriptions and actively contacts services to fill in the required information for a more transparant and clear understanding of how users are being tracked. You can join as well! For high-demand (more than 1000 cookies monthly) subscriptions to our API and server, we ask for a small fee. This fee will be used for further development, hosting, maintenance and premium support.

How many Cookies do I need?

"1 Cookie" includes all the requests needed to complete the datatable for one specific cookie. Only cookies with at least a minimum of a described Service will count to your monthly plan.


The database consists of more than 18.000 cookies and growing every day in quantity and quality by a dedicated team of privacy moderators. The database is curated by IT Law professionals.


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We will notify you when you're at 80% of your call limit. We will throttle response time if you have reached your monthly limit. You can always upgrade in your account with immediate effect.

Support and Documentation

For the free use of our API you can read the API-documentation . Premium Support is available in return for payment by a support fee. Outside this separate support service does not offer any support for using the API.

Monthly Plans

Monthly plans can be cancelled every month. We do not have yearly payment methods or refunds. You can upgrade and downgrade your plan when needed in your account.

Data Samples


    [data] => stdClass Object
            [en] => stdClass Object
                    [cmplz_choice] => stdClass Object
                            [name] => cmplz_choice
                            [retention] => 1 year
                            [retentionID] => 276
                            [serviceID] => 66
                            [service] => Complianz
                            [collectedPersonalData] => 
                            [collectedPersonalDataID] => 
                            [cookieFunction] => saving preferences
                            [cookieFunctionID] => 1218
                            [purpose] => Functional
                            [purposeID] => 285
                            [message] => 
                            [isPersonalData] => 
                            [isMembersOnly] => 
                            [ignore] => 
                            [complete] => 1
                            [unique] => 
                            [language] => en
                            [backgroundInfo] => 
                            [slug] => cmplz_choice
                            [submittedByAPI] => 1


    [data] => stdClass Object
            [nl] => stdClass Object
                    [Google Maps] => stdClass Object
                            [service] => stdClass Object
                                    [ID] => 68
                                    [name] => Google Maps
                                    [serviceType] => Showing Google Maps
                                    [serviceTypeID] => 385
                                    [sharesData] => 1
                                    [thirdParty] => 
                                    [secondParty] => 1
                                    [privacyStatementURL] =>
                                    [language] => nl
                                    [slug] => google-maps


Complianz Privacy Suite is a WordPress Consent Management plugin. It has generated more than 100.000 legal documents for their clients, including the cookie policy.

The cookie policy is generated for each WordPress website. Part of this policy are the cookies and their descriptions, as required by the GDPR, and in the case of Complianz, privacy laws worldwide.

Before the cookies can be described, a scan in the plugin will summarize the used cookies. After the scan, Complianz will synchronize via the API the known cookies with the required additional description, e.g., service, consent level, purpose, retention, etc.

The scan and the synchronization with the API occur weekly in the Complianz plugin, which keeps the cookie policy of its users up-to-date.

The cookie policy on this website is generated as explained above.

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