Understanding tracking with Cookiedatabase.org

How it works

On Cookiedatabase.org you can download, contribute, discuss and edit information about cookies and the organizations that place or read them.  You can also become part of our community of moderators specialized in website tracking and personal data.


Do you want to join and contribute? Please register and see our F.A.Q to get started. Below you will find some of the most popular cookies that need to be described.

About Cookiedatabase.org

Cookiedatabase.org is a project with the goal to bring more transparency in the online world of website tracking and collecting personal data. Nowadays almost everybody gets targeted through the use of cookies and other online techniques. Many times their function and the duration they stay active is unknown. We want to change that by describing the consequences for data privacy.  To do this we first have to know what all these different cookies and services actually do, why they are placed, and how they are used. 

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By using the search function, everybody can use the data from the cookiedatabase for free.  The database also makes it possible to translate the descriptions of the cookies in all languages.

In the second stage of the project (2021) we will try to understand what a company actually knows about website visitors when they combine the data they get from different cookies and services. 

This project started in 2019 with the help of several volunteers; and supported by Complianz, a Privacy Suite for WordPress and SIDN Fund, a Dutch foundation focussing on user empowerment and a stronger internet for all. 

In only two weeks after the start, more than 5000 different cookies were added by our users! Foremost, Cookiedatabase.org is a community effort and this is why we need you! Please have a look at our F.A.Q. to join our community!  All the data in the cookiedatabase can be used freely under the Attribution-ShareAlike-4.0-International License