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2 Responses

  1. WPForms state the following:

    “WPForms will, by default, assign every user a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). The UUID is a random number that does not contain any user information, and is stored in a cookie in the user’s browser.

    The UUID cookie is required for several features in WPForms:

    Related Entries (these are displayed on individual entry pages, and link to other entries submitted by the same user)
    Geolocation Addon
    Form Abandonment Addon

    When the Disable User Cookies option is checked, these features (if in use) will be disabled and no cookies will be used by WPForms.

    If you are using the WPForms Lite plugin, then the Disable User Cookies and Disable User Details options aren’t displayed. This is because within the Lite plugin user cookies are not used and the additional user details described below are not collected.”


    I think the cookies are not “strictly neccesary” so they need to be classified under “Preferences”.

  2. I contacted WP forms direct and they very helpfully provided the following answer for the purpose of this cookie:

    “Yes, WPForms does use cookies. When a visitor goes to a page that has WPForms on it,
    we check to see if the user has a WPForms UUID cookie (Universally Unique Identifier). If they don’t have one already, our plugin will create a UUID cookie for them.

    In our paid version, this cookie allows our plugin to connect entries by the same user and is used for some additional features like our Form Abandonment addon (our Lite version uses the same file that generates the cookie, which is why you saw a cookie be created).

    However, this cookie does not contain or represent any personal information or entry details whatsoever. It’s simply a random collection of numbers and letters that we can use for backend processing.”

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