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Does This Vendor Collect or Receive Your Personal or Sensitive Data?

when you’re visiting a website with Thrive Architect installed
If personal data is used by this service

How long is your data stored

after using the service on and closing the website?

Does this vendor share your data with other third parties

after collecting or receiving the data?


How do we know?

IN COLLABORATION WITH SIDN FUND was created in a collaboration between Complianz and the SIDN Fund from the ideal to create a more transparent web experience for everyone. The information as shown below is collected from publicly available information such as a Privacystatement or Privacy Label from the vendor. It is moderated by a community of IT and Law professionals.

Does this service store and receive aggregated data?

    Does this service store and receive personal data?

      Does this service store and receive sensitive personal data?

        Does anyone have access to your data, other than the service itself?

          On what legal grounds does this service process your data?

          How long is your data stored and processed by this service?

            Where is your data stored and processed?

            • Data is processed in countries without a suitable level of data protection

            For what, or which purposes is your data processed?

              Known Cookies


              The cookies and other tracking technologies as shown below are collected anonymously by by synchronizing scanned cookies on more than 350.000 websites where Complianz is installed. Complianz is a full-featured Privacy Suite for WordPress.