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2 Responses

  1. Reaction from Vimeo Legal about vuid: Statistics can be obtained about the players’ performance on customer sites through this cookie.

  2. There are several issues with the privacy statement from Vimeo, which we’ve asked them to clarify.
    – Vimeo states that they only place cookies which they consider essential. This sounds like these are not functional, but they are disguising it with such a sentence.

    – In addition to the previous sentence, Vimeo states in a reaction to our questions that users can opt-out from non-essential cookies. This is contradictory to the previous statement, which also suggests they are placing non-functional cookies.

    – Lastly, an opt-out is not allowed in the GDPR: it should be an opt-in.

    Vimeo has not responded to our last enquiry yet, and as some time has passed since our last question, I’m not sure we will get a reply.

    So based on the privacy statement and cookie statement from Vimeo, in combination with their response to our questions, we currently will treat Vimeo as placing non-essential cookies

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